President Trump Slams garbage News writers over fake news.

President Trump is no stranger to news and media fake news especially with the on going impeachment inquiry staged by democrats. This time around, a fake news post reported that Bill Barr declined president Trump’s request to clear him on the Ukraine saga in a press conference. This steered the president’s rage as he slammed those media reporters calling them “lowlife reporters”.

Trump wrote via his Twitter handle saying “The Amazon Washington post and three lowlife reporters, Zapotosky, Dawsey, and Leonnig, wrote another fake news story, without any sources, about Bill Barr and myself. We both deny this story which they knew before they wrote it. A garbage newspaper”.

The president said in an earlier tweet that the DOJ has ruled that the Ukraine call was good. He lamented that “We don’t have freedom of the press! “

He also said the Impeachment Hoax is turning against radical Democrats.

The clam with which president Trump has endured the ongoing impeachment inquiry must have led to the collapse of the disjointed lies and schemes of top democrats

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