Matt Schlapp: Democrats fear another Four years with Trump.

American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp said Democrats keep on attempting to fish for scandals regarding President Trump since they dread another term will enable him to further lessen “swamp” corruption.

Democrats squandered their chance to take a shot at issues the American people care about, Schlapp told “Hannity” on Monday as reported by Fox news.

American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp with President Donald Trump.

“They had their opportunity to show the American people what their agenda was,” he said in the show.

Schlapp called Democrats’ present trend of business is to have an “fishing expedition to find any scandal they can on Donald Trump.”

“They’re transfixed with this idea that if they don’t bring Trump down with fake and phony scandals, that they won’t win,” he said.

Schlapp said Democrats are wild eyed to undermine the president since he will keep on pounding the “”deep state” and Washington, D.C. swamp.

Earlier on Monday, the chairmen of three ground-breaking House committees gave subpoenas to the Pentagon and the White House Office of Management and Budget for archives relating to Trump’s July telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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